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For more information:

·         Please visit our Facebook page ‘Facer District Revitalization’ (@BringFacerBack).

·         If you are a vendor and are interested in participating, please contact the Association’s Board Director Tanya Orban at

·         For any questions, contact the Associations’ President, Brody Longmuir at (905) 327-1817;


Current Executive Board of Directors:

Tanya Orban, Brody Longmuir, Mike Britton, Lucy Kuczma, Walter Avramenko, Greg Seniuk, Roberto Vergalito (1971-2019)

Roberto Vergalito was one of the founding directors , a man with a big vision for Facer Street and Facer District. He passed away too young and too soon but his vision and mission will continue live for many more years to come.